Our classes are taught by Sigma members who enjoy teaching and some of our favourite dance artists. 


Photo by: Jingkai Kuang


Floor Work / Choreography


Trained in Chinese dance and modern dance, Guofeng started dancing at the age of 13 at River Valley Dance Society. His interest in contemporary dance was ignited when he joined NTU's Contemp{minated} and SMU's Indancity. Throughout his dance journey, he worked with many renowned Singapore and international choreographers.


With a huge interest in choreography, he choreographed his first piece of dance at age 15 and has since been actively creating works for various local universities and arts festivals. As Sigma’s Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer, he choreographs and directs all our productions.


In his technique classes, Guofeng will be focusing on the connection of our bodies with the floor and how to make use of the momentum created by our bodies’ contact with the floor to move efficiently across it.


Photo by: Igor Bacovich


Body Awareness & Exploration of Dynamics


Trained in Chinese dance, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary dance, Anthea has worked with local artists, Kuik Swee Boon, Albert Tiong and Marcus Foo and international artists Iratxe Ansa (Spanish Artist), Xing Liang (Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company) and Wu Yi-San (Cloud Gate Dance Theatre). Known for her unique and arresting movement qualities, she will be focusing on body awareness and how to increase your dynamic range when you dance.


Anthea was a founding member of Sigma and is currently an Apprentice Dancer with T.H.E. Dance Company. She is also currently the resident instructor of NTU Contemp{minated} as well as Sigma. She graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a BA(Hons) Dance degree.



Photo by: SQ Photography


Contemporary Ballet / Choreography


Trained in ballet since she was three and introduced to contemporary dance in her university days in NTU Contemp{minated}, Chiok is greatly intrigued by the human body and its ability to move in so many different ways, creating different expressions that are so fascinating to watch. Combining both contemporary dance and ballet techniques, her classes are geared towards building the strength you need to be able to dance with no inhibitions.


Chiok is a founding member and a dance artist of Sigma. She is currently a freelance ballet and contemporary dance educator working with children, youths and adults.


Contemporary Dance Fundamentals


Yarra began her dance training in ballet in Australia with Canberra Youth Ballet School and joined Quantum Leap Youth Dance Ensemble under the direction of Ruth Osbourne in 1999 before relocating to Singapore where she graduated with a BA First Class Honours Degree in Performing Arts (Dance) at LASALLE College of the Arts.


A former T.H.E Dance Company dance artist, she has choreographed works for T.H.E Main Company and Second Company with well-received works showcased at M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival 2010-2014 and M1 Fringe Festival in 2009. She has also guest choreographed for several local Universities and schools such as the LASALLE graduation show in 2013, and worked alongside her husband, Zhuo Zihao (founding member of T.H.E and recipient of the Young artist award 2012) with their most recent endeavour of choreographing for T.H.E main company, Helix 2016.


Yarra is currently a freelance Artist working with the elderly and children.

 Mun Wai 

Photo by: Tan Ngiap Heng 


Contemporary Dance Fundamentals


Known for his ability to make one aware of how to use the mechanics of the physical body to create different artistic expressions, Mun Wai’s classes will be focusing on strengthening your contemporary dance fundamentals. In his class, you will expect to feel how the efficient organisation of the body's limbs, torso and spine in space and time can give rise to endless movement possibilities.


2014 Young Artist award recipient and former T.H.E Dance Company dance artist, Mun Wai is one of the more notable faces in the Singapore dance scene. He embarks on a new journey as an independent dance artist after seven years with T.H.E as one of the founding members (2008 to 2015)


On this new journey as independent dance artist, he has several major choreographic projects lined up for 2016 as he continues his development as a performing artist.