Only for the first term in 2021,

Grab 2 friends and the 3rd one dances for FREE!

- All 3 friends to register separately & indicate the name of your 2 friends in the comment box in the registration form.

- only available for ballet classes at Sigma Collective Space.




5 - 6:30PM

This is an 8-week course suitable for those who are new to dance and wish to learn some basics of ballet. In this course you will be introduced to the principles of classical ballet such as body alignment, weight placement, turn out, use of arms and learn basic ballet exercises and coordinations.


Designed to introduce ballet to beginners, this course will equip you with fundamentals allowing you to gain body awareness, sensitivity, strength and poise through progressive barre and centre work consisting of simple port de bras, centre practice, adage, petit allergro and grand allergro.

We are currently planning for an upcoming course, register your interest below!





7:15 - 8:30PM

This class is suitable for people with little/ some ballet or contemporary dance background and wish to work towards  developing stronger body awareness and sensitivity. Principles of alignment, weight placement, use of weight, use of spine, active turn outs, coordination and feet articulation will be the focus of this class, alongside core strengthening and flexibility. With all these, you will be able to build a strong control over your body, so that you can enjoy the freedom that comes with it.


This class aims to build a good ballet foundation towards progressive development of your ballet vocabulary.

Upcoming Term:

Day/Time: Monday, 7:15 - 8:30pm

Upcoming Term Dates: Jan 4, 11, 18, 25, Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 '2021




6:15 - 7:15PM

This class is for people with little/ some ballet background and wish to work on strengthening your individual muscle groups and your flexibility to supplement your ballet classes. Especially for beginners who only dance once or twice a week, you may feel that it is not easy to engage the right muscle that is required for certain exercises or move with ease due to restricted range and mobility. This class will work on activating and strengthening these muscles as well as mobilize your joints and increase your range of movements through repetition and stretching with awareness.

Resistance bands, pilates balls and yoga blocks will be used.

*You are required to purchase your own resistance bands and bring your own mat for this class.

Upcoming Term:

Day/Time: Monday, 6:15 - 7:15pm

Upcoming Term Dates: Jan 4, 11, 18, 25, Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 '2021

Course/ Term Length, Class Duration:

8 sessions, 1h 30mins per session​
Course/ Term Fee:
Sigma Collective Space
10 Raeburn Park, #03-10A
How to get there?
Registration is required.
As classes are designed to be progressive in nature, full attendance of all 8 classes is highly recommended. Term classes are ongoing, and registration opens after every 8 sessions.  Once you have completed the introductory course, you can proceed to continue to the Weekly Beginner Class, and you are strongly encouraged to continue beyond each term of beginner class for better development and growth.
Email for enquiries or to register your interest should you miss the current term.
Terms & Policies:
1. Payment for full term/ course has to be made, no pro-rate will be allowed for this period.
2. We will not allow refunds.
3. You can carry forward a maximum of 2 classes to the next term if you register for the next term.
4. Beginner term classes can be transferred across classes of same level as long as there is available slot, so check with us in advance if something crops up and you need to do a make-up.
5. Courses and beginner classes are not transferable.

Additional guidelines due to Covid:

1. Number of participants is limited to 12 for all classes.

2. Please ensure you are well before you come for class. If you have a temperature above 37.5 degrees celsius or are feeling unwell, do rest at home.

3. Please scan your temperature and check in via Safe Entry before entering the studio.

4. Please wear your mask whenever possible.

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